Botox Face

Various Botox face treatment includes the followings. It includes the upper, middle and lower face. The main structure/areas involved are the forehead, Glabella, side of eyes, nose, mouth, chin jowl angle and jowl line.

Botox Forehead

This is the uppermost and the most important part of the face that will wrinkle early and more seriously. The wrinkle here may be referred to as the railway track line wrinkle as the space is wide and long. Any wrinkle here are the biggest and the longest one can get on the face.

  • is about Removing the Horizontal Forehead Wrinkle. For guy, it needs higher level as their Frontalis muscle is generally thicker and more bulky. For a more natural look and results, deposit the Botox on the surface of the frontalis muscle.

Botox Eyes/Crow’s Feet:

The side of the eye form the next prominent area of the face when it comes to the wrinkle formation. It is by far the first wrinkle that will appear in any face. A proper, timely and effective treatment will therefore, erase any first sign of ageing. Failure to treat it early will make this dynamic line to become a static wrinkle lines.

  • is Removing the Crow’s Feet wrinkle, Besides the Eye. Total number of units given is around 8 to 12 unites divided into 3 injections depending on the muscle size. For guy, it needs higher level as their orbicularis occuli muscle is generally thicker and more bulky.

Botox for Peri-oral Wrinkle, Barcode Lips, also called smoker lips

These wrinkle lines sets in much later than compared to the Crow’s feet or the forehead.

  • Orbicularis oris muscle is used excessively by the smoker, hence causing premature onset of wrinkle around the mouth. Repeatitive sucking movement during the act of smoking will eventually cause early wrinkling.


Botox Frown Line/Glabella

The area between the 2 eyebrows is called the Glabella. Any vertical or horizontal lines here are called the frown lines.

  • Botox Eyes is about Removing the Glabella Vertical Wrinkle Between the Eyes. These lines are due to contraction of corrugator muscles, depressor supercilli and procerus muscle.

Botox Bunny line

Bunny lines are located over the nse bridge. These line can be erased by injecting Botox into the side of the bridge of the nose.

Botox Gummy Smile/Naso-labial Line

The gummy smile is due to the smiling muscle that pulls on the thinned out skin causing the power lines, the naso-labial lines.

Botox for higher Nose Tip

For those with a low rounded nose tip, there is good news. A small 2 units dose into the naso-labial angle will relax the tip depressor, thus, raising up the tip.

Botox Nasal Flare

For some, there is prominence of nostril hole. The good news is that this nostril size, the  hole can be reduced by injecting a small dose of 2 units to the side and the base of the alar cartilage. It relaxes the external muscle while the internal muscle pulls down and towards the medial side, thus decreasing the nostril size.

Botox Chin

There mental creases horizontally. There are also puckering of the chin in others. There can all be erased by injecting 4 units on each side, into the mentalis muscle.

Botox Jowl Line

For the people who have a thick layer of fat deposited in the face and the neck, the distinct line separating the face from the neck is lost to become a joined unit. To enhance the beauty by increasing the prominence of distinction of this anatomical line, we can use Botox treatment injected along the jowl line to relaxes the platysma muscle.

Botox Face Shaping

Many oriental, especially the mongoloid race have a prominent massestor /chewing muscle. This make them having a squarish face. A big 50 units dose, dived into 3 for each side will shrink the muscle giving the face a pleasing oval contour.

Botox Face and Various Indications of Botox

Botox Face and Various Indications of Botox



Botox has been used for various indications as listed below, which are commonly used by our doctors and clinic as a most popular treatment procedures.


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