Botox Lips

Causes of lip wrinkle


The lips wrinkle easily after we ages, especially so among the Caucasian. The vertical lines seen in both the upper and lower lips, also called the bar code lips is an indication of the  ageing process whereby the skin, the underlying collagen and elastic tissues has been thinned out. Due to this the over lying skin of the lip comes close to the lip muscle, and once it started to contract, it wrinkles the overlying skin giving rise to a dynamic wrinkle lines. As we ages further and if left untreated, it becomes a static lines.

Factor causing lip wrinkle

  • age and ethnicity, caucasian has a higher incidence and also at younger age
  • smoker clearly has increased rate and incidence of lip wrikle
  • sun bather: have increased loss of collagen due to ultra violet ray damage inflicted
  • lifestyle, stressful lifestyle faces higher risk
  • lack of sleep: chronic lack of sleep does significantly increase the onset of lip wrinkle
  • Asian tend to have at much later ages


Botox has been used for various indications as listed below, which are commonly used by our doctors (or Dr David Ling) and clinic as a most popular treatment procedures.



Botox for Peri-oral Wrinkle, Barcode Lips

Botox for Peri-oral Wrinkle, Barcode Lips



The treatment for this dynamic wrinkle is none other than using the botox. It is carefully given in a small dose of 1 to 2 units at each injection point, 2 point per each side of the upper or lower lips.



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