Botox Side Effects

Many customers have a wrong impression about Botox. The word toxin is enough to scare them thinking that it is a toxic substance used. Not really the case. Take for an example of the various immunisation that we received over our teenager years. Those vaccines used are toxic in the first place before attenuation. Attenuation is a process that brings the toxic effect to a near zero level. Similarly the Botox is attenuated in the similar way. Hence, it is harmless when given in a therapeutic dose.


Botox is one of the most effective treatment procedure available for the dynamic wrinkle done by our doctors and the clinic.  For click here. The wrinkle is dynamic because those line appears only during the facial movement or expression.

Consult your aesthetic doctor before considering Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, Myobloc, Neuronox.

For a pregnant mother or breast feeding mother, consult your aesthetic doctor before embark on the Botox treatment.

2 Factors Determining Side Effects

  • Excess dose to the targeted site. For eg loss of facial expression if the dose given to the frontalis, procerus and corrugator muscle is too large.
  • Diffusion of Botox to adjacent area/tissues


Lethal Dose

  • Our cosmetic doses is no more than or a max is one bottle.
  • Estimated human lethal dose is 28 bottles! This is impossible to reach, what more to talk about the side effects.

No risk of anaphylaxis

No risk of Botulism

Botox Side Effects are only Temporary, most are Mild.

Botox Side Effects are only Temporary, most are Mild.


Side effect of Botox

The side effect of Botox includes possible

  • headache,
  • bruising from the needle injection point and
  • pain at the injection site.

However, these side effect is quite rare.

More serious side effect includes the

  • droopy eye lid or eye brow in less than 1% of cases.

In the experienced hand, normally it does not happen. Even if it does happen, it will normally disappear after 3 to 4 months without any treatment.

To avoid the bruising, the best policy is to stop all blood thinner like ticlid, and pain medication such as the NSAID, the aspirin or ibuprofen. Stop those 1 to 2 weeks before the procedure.

Also, stop all supplement such as the fish oil, omega oil, gingko pill, vitamin E as these supplement also thin the blood and prolong clotting time. Hence, the bruising chance is higher.

Ask the aesthetic doctor that you want a more natural look result, although it last shorter as compared to stiffening look where the customer wanted a more lasting result.



Botox Side Effects are only Temporary, most are Mild.

Botox Side Effects are only Temporary, most are Mild.

Last words

Most of the Botox side effects are not severe and all will disappears in about three months. This is because the effect of the Botox will wears off by itself. The Botulinum Toxin A molecules will be removed through biodegradation by our normal body physiological process.


Additional information and details of side effects or complications,, some are minor, others terrible one, Botox Injection and Treatment can be found here.