Botox Uses

Botox has been used for various indications as listed below, which are commonly used by our doctors and clinic as a most popular treatment procedures.


Botox uses and Indications

Botox uses and Indications


Medical Uses/indications

Botox treatment injection has been used widely to treat various medical conditions as listed here:

  • cervical dystonia (neck spasms), where the over active neck muscle of one side contract and pulls excessively causing neck tilted to one side.
  • hyper active bladder, where the overactive urinary bladder causes the patient to pass urine frequently due to over sensitive bladder neck. When urine comes into contact with the bladder neck, it trigger the urination act.
  • cross eyes or nystamus, where one or both eye ball get deviated to inner or outer side due to poorly coordinated muscle movement
  • Excessive sweating, where the palm or sole or the armpit sweat excessively
  • wrinkle lines, that shows the age

Other brand of commercial products have developed such as:

The main active ingredient is the same, that is using various botulinium toxins as well. All are prepared and administered in the similar manner. The only difference is that the dosing scheme may be separate. For eg, Dysport has 400 units that equals the strength as 100 units of Botox.

Why Botox?

The Botox uses in cosmetic may be described in further details. It brings about this effect by blocking neural signal from reaching the muscle fibril and hence no signal means no contraction. Without any contraction there will be no wrinkle to speak of.

The positive effect of the botox treatment is that it causes the disappearance of lines as below:

  • crow’s feet wrinkle is due to orbicularis occuli muscle contraction, is a circular muscle.
  • the lower central part of the forehead is called the glabellar area. Here, the vertical creases created, is due to the corrugator muscles, both the superficial and the deep muscle contraction.
  • Similarly at the glabella, horizontal line here, which is at the upper end of the nose is due to procerus muscle that pulls it down.
  • the entire forehead will show a horizontal wrinkle, some call it the railway track, is due to the contraction of the frontalis muscle, that pulls it upward vertically.



Botox injections are also well utilized to treat other diseases or medical disorders as listed here below:

  • Nervous system issue like the cerebral palsy.
    • This is found frequently in the small kids. The absent of inhibiting signal from the higher centre like the brain causes overactive signal reaching the four limbs causing contraction forcefully.
    • Botox treatment can works wonderfully as a muscle relaxant to counteract the contracting effect.
  • A lazy or crossed eye.
    • This affliction occurs due to an imbalance of the muscles in the eye socket that position the eye in the right place.
  • Torticollis. This is present in the childhood. This is an involuntary contraction of the neck muscle that induces terrible pain. This movement may result the head to be in a twisted or in an abnormal position causing immense pain to the patient.
  • Hyperhidrosis,
    • is a situation of excessive sweating, in area such as the palms and the feet, incapacitating the person social life. So much is the sweat that the person feel shy to shake hand because his palm is so wet. I have personally encountered such cases.
    • When one is afflicted with this disease, the sweat gland becomes hyper-active, excreting too much sweat, causing foul smelling odour problem.
    • This is even when the weather is not hot and not doing any active physical activity. It is due to overactive sympathetic activity causing too much signalling to reach the target sweat glands.
  • A dysfunctional over-reactive bladder.
    • The patient suffer from frequent need to pass urine and incapacitating their social life. In the night time they have to wake up so frequently to pass urine that, they never get enough sleep. Botox injection alleviates incontinence in the urinary which is often caused by overactive bladder.


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