Dysport contain abobotulinum toxin A as an active ingredient. The Dysport stops the muscle movement which creates the wrinkle in the first place. Hence, after Dysport, the wrinkle due to muscle movement is gone. The toxin is produced by a small organism that causes the food poisoning called botulism. However, the toxin is a misnomer as it causes food poisoning in its raw form, does not do so after inactivation during the processing for an attenuated abobotulinum toxin A compound. Hence, it becomes a friendly drug for medical and cosmetic use. Hence, it becomes a friendly drug for medical and cosmetic use. It is commonly used in chemo-face lift, or Botox face lift procedure. It can be combined with PRP face lift and is in our hottest selling list.



Dysport: Abobotulinum Toxin A

Dysport: Abobotulinum Toxin A


Medical indication

Botox injection has been used widely to treat other medical conditions such as:

  • cervical dystonia(neck spasms),
  • hyper active bladder,
  • cross eyes and
  • Excessive sweating.

Other commercial products have emerged in market as an equivalent such as such as

These active ingredient is also using various botulinium. However, each of these products is administered similarly except that the dosing scheme is different


Why Dysport?

The abobotulinum toxin A brings about competitive block at the nerve-muscle junction to prevent neural signal from reaching the muscle fibril to bring about muscle contraction. In doing so, it smooth-out the skin and the wrinkle disappears. As this is a reversible process, the wrinkle only reappear after the abobotulinum toxin A is fully removed from the body over the next 3 to 6 months.

The positive effect causes the disappearance of lines as below:

  • Lines that run from the corners of one’s eyes, also known as crow’s feet is due to orbicularis occuli muscle, a circular muscle.
  • Frown lines that appear in between a person’s eyebrows is due to the glabellar muscle
  • The horizontal lines that show when one raises their eyebrows, also known as forehead furrows is due to frontalis muscle.

Besides correction and visibly improving the appearance of the skin for aesthetic use, Dysport injections are also well utilized to treat other disorders such as below:

  • Neurological problems such as cerebral palsy. This is a medical condition as such where it trigger muscles to contract resulting the limbs to pull inwards towards one’s center. In such cases, Botox works wonderfully as a muscle relaxant to counteract the contracting effect.
  • A lazy or crossed eye. This affliction occurs due to an imbalance of the muscles in the eye socket that position the eye in the right place.
  • This is an involuntary contraction of the neck muscle that induces terrible pain. This movement may result the head to be in a twisted or in an abnormal position causing immense pain to the patient.
  • Hyperhidrosis, is a situation of excessive sweating, in area such as the palms and the feet. When one is afflicted with this disease, the sweat gland becomes hyper-active. This is even when the weather is not hot and not doing any active physical activity. These people often have ‘wet palms’ as they experience excessive sweating from the pores of their skin of the palm and sole.
  • A dysfunctional over-reactive bladder. Botox injection alleviates incontinence in the urinary which is often caused by overactive bladder.


What to expect?

The pain or the discomfort of this injection is minimal. The needle used is so tiny, needle gauge size of less than 30 or even 32 Gauge size.

Before you undergo the procedure:

For the anxious patient it may be necessary to numb the skin before the Botox injection procedure. One has many options to choose as their preferred method to withstand the discomfort.

Methods include:

  • The use of pain killer injections –An injection from the doctor will numb the skin. This is seldom employed as it may decrease the activity of the Botulinum.
  • The use of a cold spray –This technique uses a strong stream of cold air on the surface of the skin. This is using cold to numb the skin for a short while. The duration of the spray is probably just 10 seconds and the numbness that occurs also lasts only for a couple of seconds.
  • The use of a cream. This is a prescribed cream which will be applied on the skin for 20-40 minutes before the Botox injection is carried out.

During the Dysport injection procedure:

A tiny drop of volume of Botox will be injected into the skin surface or onto the muscle by the doctor doing the procedure. The number of injection may vary for each individual as it is depended on their muscle bulk and specific need. The Botox deposited into the muscle brings more lasting effect but not as natural. If it is deposited on the surface of the muscle, the effect is not so lasting but the result is more natural. A patient need to choose her priority and expectation. One cannot has both. They are mutually exclusive. This procedure is implemented with the highest care and is done in the doctor’s room.

After the Dysport injections procedure:

After the procedure, one need to take care not to massage or rub the treated area as it may move the newly injected Botox to the surrounding area and cause unintended result. However, you may go back to your daily lifestyle without any downtime. For the first 8 hours avoid exercise and alcohol.