Areola Reduction Surgery

What is the areola reduction surgery all about?

The purpose of the areola reduction is purely cosmetic. The patient must be made to understand that if there is a future weight gain or pregnancy, there is likelihood that the areola may be overstretched and cause enlargement of the areola.

This surgery is preferably best done for those lady who have completed the family size. Of course, it can be done for the single who are very obese formerly and now attained the slimmer figure after a slimming course.

The believe that a smaller areola is more beautiful or accepted by the society is more arbitrary. The beauty is in the beholder’s eye is still a valid statement.


Areola Reduction Surgery: a circular and circunferential areola skin is resected

Areola Reduction Surgery: a circular and circumferential areola skin is resected. The resulting edges are sutured using a purse string technique. This is called a purse string because the suture is passed in a full circle just like the opening of lady’s purse where 2 string are been pulled in an opposite direction to close the opening. The AFTER picture on the right shows a significantly reduced areola.




Small Areola: after areola reduction surgery, the size is much smaller.

Small Areola: after areola reduction surgery, the size is much smaller.





The best procedure is to resect the outer most circular area of the areola skin followed by a purse string suture around the whole circumference of the areola margin. This is best shown above.


Resecting too much will create a lot of suture tension which can affect the proper scar healing.

Post operation, the breast must wear an encapsulation-type of breast support. This will help the breast not to exert too much of weight or tension on the sutured healing wound. Excessive amount of tension disturb proper healing and may cause keloid ugly scar formation.


Side effect

There is a temporary lost of sensation around the nipple. However, this is limited and is usually self resolving meaning it will recover by itself over several months. This could take around 4- 8 months before full sensation can return.

Another possibility is the scar formation. In some people it may becomes the keloid in a worst case. However, in some it may just be a thin line of scar.


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