Brow Lift

Brow Lift

Brow lift is a popular cosmetic procedure or cosmetic surgery for people with droopy eye brow that is significantly below its normal youthful location. it is common for the Caucasian, not so much for the Asian.

Brow versus sub-brow lift

Sub brow lift is more common in the Asian as most of them do suffer significant below-brow drooping as compared to the Caucasian or the Westerner, who mainly has above brow drooping. Most of the Asian men and ladies suffer from droopy skin below the brow and above the eye lash area. The surgery to take away the extra skin if done by cutting just below the brow margin is better called the sub brow lifting. Sub brow lift may be carried out together with the thread facelift. This is a very common issue we face and is our clinic hottest selling list.



Brow lift: notice increased height of the lateral side of double eye lid

Brow lift: notice increased height of the lateral side of double eye lid


Upper blepharoplasty

This is purely the removal of the extra upper eye lid most commonly done in the Caucasian. Asian can also do this if they have droopy upper eye lid after the mid-life. However, it is found that the look or the result may not be or will take a long time for it to be natural.

So the alternative for the Asia is tends to do a sub brow lift to get rid of extra upper eye lid skin after mid-life.

Asian double eyelid

This is done mostly in the Asian lady many of whom do not have one. The procedure is much like an upper blepharoplasty, but is called as the Asian double eyelid creation surgery.


Brow to eye lash distance

If the distance from the lower margin of the brow to the eye lash is significant, the sub brow surgery can be carried up easily. However, if the distance is very narrow, the sub brow surgery should not be done and instead, do the usual upper blepharoplasty.

Advantages of sub-brow lift

  • A natural improvement of drooping upper eye lid is possible without any change in shape of the eye. Note that the classical upper blepharoplasty can be done for the Asian as was in the past has been replaced by sub-brow lift. This is because the result of the classical operation takes long time for it to be natural.
  • There is less swelling and fast recovery as the surgery is done until the sub cutaneous layer.
  • Scar is left inconspicuous as the boundary of eyebrow is incised and the resulting scar may be covered by drawing during initial period.
  • It is also effective for improving eye wrinkles.





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