Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery

We also provide wide selection of cosmetic surgery services; rhinoplasty, face liftliposuction, breast augmentation and tummy tuck. We provide a full range of aesthetic services, the Botox for dynamic wrinkle, filler for static wrinkle, dermatology laser for acne, scar, rejuvenation, pigment, birthmarks, tattoo, broken capillary, and other includes non-surgical face shaping, lifting. Dr David Ling has more than 20 years of time tested and a very experienced doctor in aesthetic dermatology, cosmetic surgery and aesthetic and anti aging medicine. Dr Grace Low is very experienced in the laser dermatology, anti aging, hormonal balancing and internal medicine.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery


Cosmetic surgery is about operation for a better appearance where a person does not has any functional disability or compromise. Whereas the plastic surgery is not so much about better cosmetic appearance but is more about restoration of function. An example of plastic surgery is the repair of cleft lip and palate where the baby can start to talk as soon as possible. Any delay of operation to close up the lip and palate will hamper the intonation learning ability. Another example is the release of burn contracture on the flexor side of a joint. Due the the contracture tissues and scar pulling on the flexor side, the joint is not able to extend fully, such as the hand, foot, elbow and knee.

Common hot selling cosmetic surgeries include:

Aesthetic surgery

This is a smaller surgery, such as the dermatology surgery, scar revision surgery, removal of lumps, mole, birthmark, sebaceous cyst, seborrheic keratosis, actinic keratosis, non-surgical blepharoplasty, face lift, nose shaping, chin shaping, acne scar surgery fall under the aesthetic operation category.