Medical Screening

Take the analogy of a car. The car need to be checked regularly for the proper and optimal functioning and good life-span of its engine. Similarly, the human body runs as much as the engine. In order to prevent costly repair to the engine or avoid expensive medical bill, the best is to have a regular body check-up and screening to detect early diseases. If found early, it is easy to treat and take remedial action.


Steroid Cream can be friendly to our skin for the purpose of skin whitening.

Steroid Cream can be friendly to our skin for the purpose of skin whitening.




Types of screening

The generally employed methods include the blood and urine screening, radio-logical and other imaging screening such as the CT scan, MRI scan, bone scan, body fat scan. Biopsy scan can be slightly more invasive if a particular lesion is suspected of new growth or predisposed to malignancy. PAP smear is done for lady from the start of sexual activity until the age of menopause. PSA is done exclusively for male.

More advanced screen includes the various hormonal profile test. This is done mostly for the purpose of anti aging where any deficient hormone can be supplemented to restore the energy and stamina and many a time for virility.

How often to screen

In general screening for urine and blood is done every 2 years. PAP smear can be done every three years if the last test was normal. Hormonal is tested after treatment to see the response to treatment.



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