RF Face Lifting

RF Face Lifting


RF Face Lifting show right hollow & sunken cheek gets firmed up into fuller cheek. Skin texture gets smoother. Pigment also lessened.

RF Face Lifting show right hollow & sunken cheek gets firmed up into fuller cheek. Skin texture gets smoother. Pigment also lessened. Left: BEFORE, Right is AFTER RF Treatment.


Videos on the RF Treatment as listed below in the YouTube

Video on Pre-RF Heating, 1st pass on Left side

Video on RF face lifting, 2nd pass pre-heating on left side to 43 degree Celsius

Video on  RF face lifting treatment on the right side

Video on RF face lifting and skin tightening treatment for the forehead

Video on RF face lifting treatment for the left side.



RF Face lifting is utilizing the RF or radiofrequency energy which when passes through the tissues cause the tissue to heat up due to the impedance or resistance offered by the tissues. Since there are many types, size, and depth of the tissues, each of them will pick up different amount of RF energy which will be converted into heat energy.

Target Temperature

For it to be effective, the tissues should be heated up to 43 degree Celsius. At this temperature, the tissues will contract and brings about tightening of the skin and underlying tissues. This is how it can rejuvenate and brings about face lifting effect.

Non skin type dependent

The RF energy delivery through the skin does not depend on the skin color or the skin type and hence will not cause epidermal damage, unlike the laser energy which is dependent on the skin type. Darker skin has higher chance of skin damage due to it absorbing the laser energy thereby converting into heat energy.

Types of probe

The earliest probe used to deliver the energy is monopolar meaning using single point to deliver all the required energy, which is of course more painful and higher chance to get complication. The later development into bipolar and tripolar probe spread out the energy into 2 and 3 points lessen the total energy delivered by each probe. However, the sum total energy reaching the target tissues of treatment is still the same. Hence, it is less painful and lesser chance of complication mostly due to burn of the skin. Still later generation has developed into as many as 8 polar probes.

Energy other than RF

In addition to the use of RF energy, later generation equipment even use to deliver the laser energy, ultrasound energy, and different wavelength RF simultaneously to further enhance the treatment effectiveness and decrease the likelihood of complication.

The history and course of development of RF technology:

  1. The first and still widely used device is known as the ThermaCool™, originally developed by Thermage®. Thermage is the prototype device that all other devices are compared with and compare themselves to.
  2. The second monopolar RF device developed is known as the Accent XL® (Alma Lasers, IL, USA). The unipolar device has the grounding plate within the treatment head, this will means there are no disposable tips to this device, compared with the disposable Thermage tip. Since then, other bipolar tips has been developed.
  3. Another bipolar RF device, known as the Aluma® (Lumenis Inc., CA, USA), combined bipolar RF with a vacuum apparatus. The purpose of the vacuum is to draw the skin nearer into the treatment head and also decrease the pain.
  4. Another bipolar RF device was combined with electro-optical energy or Elos™ (Syneron-Candela, CA, USA), and was first called the Aurora SR™ system. The principle behind the Elos technology is that there can be a synergy amongst various energy sources when applied at the same time. Furthermore, by using multiple types of energy, which treat different tissue types will enhance the total rejuvenation result. The Aurora SR system utilized light energies between 400 and 900 nm, along with RF energies of up to 25 J/cm2 to allow penetration depths of up to 4 mm under the skin.
  5. In 2011, a new device, known as the Syneron Candela eMax™, is the device that combines RF energy and pulsed light in one system.
  6. Another equiptment, the Polaris WR™, utilized a combined 900-nm diode laser and Elos energy to deliver even deeper energies into the skin to help addressing the rhytids, pigmentary disorder and vascular problems. This increase the overall rejuvenation effect tremendously.
  7. In 2011, a new device, known as the Matrix RF™ is being used to deliver fractional bipolar RF deep into the skin and cause a rejuvenation response.
  8. The Regen (Pollogen Ltd, Jerusalem, Israel) is a machine that utilizes tripolar RF energy in an attempt to continue to deliver enough RF energy to be effective in the skin rejuvenation and tissue tightening. This is based on the premise that by using multiple poles, lower energies can be delivered into the skin from each pole, making the treatments much more palatable and comfortable.
  9. The Viora Reaction™ (Viora, NJ, USA) also utilizes three poles of RF energies, but is distinguished from the other devices in that it emits its RF energies at different RF frequencies. This is the 1st ever RF machine that uses different RF frequencies. Different frequencies will target different tissues optimally than the previous single frequency RF machine.
  10. Another new device, the Venus Freeze™ (Venus Concepts, AZ, USA) uses eight poles of RF energy and a pulsed magnetic fields to have its effect on the skin rejuvenation and body contouring. It is based on the premise that more the probes, lesser each has to deliver the total energy, making it more comfortable and less painful.


I am envisioning the arrival of newer handpieces that will allow for the combination of therapies. Namely, perhaps

  • RF with pulsed light,
  • RF with ultrasound or
  • RF with other energy-based systems

to enhance these therapies more than what can be achieved with one system and one energy.





Pre RF Heating, 1st pass on Left side