CLEO Gold Thread


CLEO gold thread lift is a commercial brand (proprietary) and its use is a new development. The thread product is used for face and body implant placed under the sub-dermis for the purpose of rejuvenation. Our doctor in the center has done a lot of such cosmetic procedures. This thread lift can brings about a glow to the skin color and smoother texture just like what PRP can achieve.

With the passage of time, humans are painfully reminded of their mortality by the very noticeable aging process which their body goes through. At first the changes are tiny, few strands of grey hair or slight wrinkles around the eyes, but then, the changes become rapid and start attracting attention. Most of the aging becomes visible after the age of 40 and accelerate after 50 especially for the lady when they enter menopause.



CLEO Gold Thread: Thread Face Lift & Body Lift

CLEO Gold Thread: Thread Face Lift & Body Lift


Man is slightly luckier because andropause is much slower in onset and progress slowly. Wrinkled, sagging and discolored facial skin, appearance of dark spots or blotches and other such ailments are few of the many common signs of advancing age. The lifestyle we adopt will affect the rate of aging. When face creams and other remedies prove to be useless, many of us turn to more radical options for a more extreme result, such as surgery or Botox injections, to name a few. However, these are not completely safe and can have certain side effects.

CLEO gold thread is a new innovation in the field of cosmetic implants. Here, it is manufactured as a thread lift to improve the skin tone, colour and texture of skin into brither silky smooth and snow white skin. CLEO gold thread use a combination of 99.99% pure gold thread and PGA or Polyglycolic acid, both of which contributes to promote the synthesis and rearrangement of collagen fiber underneath the skin into a new scaffolding hat can support the new material produced by the multipotent cell, which can delay the aging process.

Certain representative studies have been carried out about this process. The results of these studies indicate that using CLEO Gold Threads to reinforce facial skin can achieve a visible effect. The skin looks tighter and younger.

In majority of patients afflicted with different degrees of wrinkles, gold implantation technique has worked miracles.


  • Complete disappearance of wrinkles have been achieved in patients suffering from grade one ptosis,
  • While in grades two to four patients, the wrinkles have been smoothen and even in certain cases, gold thread implants have led to complete correction.


The effects of CLEO gold thread can be seen within 3 to 6 months of the procedure. Some of the rejuvenating effects are:

  • Improvement of facial color.
  • Smoothening of wrinkles.
  • Shrinking pores.
  • Increased elasticity of facial skin.

The process of rejuvenation picks up speed after two years and can last up to five years and above.

Repeat session

The CLEO gold lift procedure can be repeated, if required. Or, we can add on the density in the subsequent treatment. The higher the density, the better the result. After this procedure, the patient can also continue with any other treatments, such as laser, injections etc. However, only with the knowledge and consultancy of an appropriate physician can this be done.