Gold Thread Lift

Gold Thread Lift

Gold thread lift procedure as an anti-aging against the wrinkle has been used extensively by the doctor in our clinic. The implantation of gold thread lift is inserted into the sub-dermis for collagen synthesis stimulation. This can improve the skin quality in term of texture and color.

CLEO Gold Thread Lift

CLEO Gold Thread Lift

The gold thread can also help to slows down the aging process. The thread is make of 24 carats or 99.99% pure gold. Being a pure gold, it is an inert material for the body to work with. This is popularly used in South Korea, Japan, Russia and China.

The result is fast to be noticeable. By around one month time the result can be noticed in term of skin color changes, textural appearance improve with disappearing of pores, wrinkles smoothing out and the skin becomes more elastic.


Result effect

  • Rejuvenation result seen within 6 months,
  • The result further improve over 2 years and last up to 12 years
  • This procedure can be repeated when necessary
  • Any surgery of the face be undertaken. The gold thread does not interfere
  • Skin volume is more full, better texture, pore size decreasing, colour more radiant
  • Fine wrinkle disappear, larger one smooth out

The gold thread improve skin color and strengthen loose skin

The skin color improves, blemishes disappear. Aged skin with involution changes show best result after gold thread implantation. Disappearance of fine wrinkle and lessening of folds is evident of improvement as stated below:

  • Disappearance of wrinkle with grade 1 ptosis
  • Smoothing of fold with grade 2 and 3 ptosis
  • Partial correction and improvement with grade 4 ptosis and involution changes

No tissue rejection at implant site

Histo-pathological examination show the following findings:

  • Granulomatous reaction of tuberculoid type surrounding the gold filament
  • The surrounding tissue has large amount of reticulin fiber
  • This surrounding tissue show presence of epitheloid cells and absent of giant multinuclear cell
  • This show absent of foreign-body reaction and absent of tissue rejection at gold filament implant location

Skin show improved circulation

Doppler fluorometry was done and demonstrated increased micro-circulation index (MI) in the immediate post procedure period. This MI show elevated 2 to 3 months after the thread implantation. This increased blood circulation persisted over half a year of follow-up.