Happy Lift Thread

Happy Lift Thread


Happy Lift will make you happy after performing the face lift and re-contouring of your aging skin by our Dr of the center. It is a minimally invasive or a lunchtime procedure with minimal downtime as compared to the conventional classic full face lift.

It can achieve a comparable result in suitably selected candidate where usually aged 35 to 55. For the older patient with more severe droop or those skin that are heavy and thicker the result is not so ideal.




Happy Lift Thread for Face & Body Lifting

Happy Lift Thread for Face & Body Lifting


Material of the thread


It is make of absorb-able material called polycaprolactone (PCL). It is a synthetic, semi-crystalline, and a fully biodegradable polymer. During the polymerisation process, the polycaprolactone is coated on the thread. And, during the bio-degradation the resulting molecules released help to stimulate the cell to produce collagen and hyaluronic acid which are essential for the restoration of skin aging. Caprolactone, formula is (CH2) 5CO2, is a colorless liquid that dissolve easily.


The happy Lift thread is a barbed suture thread. It has a special and effective geometrically patented design. The material is a clear substance and is not visible when inserted under the skin of those fairer and thin skin.

The laid thread will dissolve in 12 to 18 months. Usually a single session procedure can achieve good result. However, if required, more session may be done.


The procedure

The thread is laid from the pre-auricular area, inserted under the skin at the sub dermal layer and emerge just stop short of the smile line. The higher end is pulled tight and anchored.

The anaesthesia

Usually a local anaesthesia is sufficient. For the more nervous or those that do multiple procedure at the same setting, a twilight sedation may be used.

Mechanism of action

  • The barb provide an immediate mechanical pull and holding until the fibrosis.
  • The thread will stimulate the collagen deposition around the thread and the fibrosis.
  • The fibrosis will set in after one week and fully after 3 months.

Post operation care

  • Avoid forceful massage of the skin or rubbing
  • Avoid strong cough or sneezing
  • Avoid wide moth opening, such as eating whole apple, cut it into small pieces,
  • Avoid contact sport for two weeks
  • Avoid sleeping on the side, best on the back for 2 weeks


Returning to normal activity

Can normally return to normal activity in 2 to 3 day. The tapped skin is put on till end of first week.

How long the result last?

The result usually will last 2 to 5 years depending on the care you have taken.


What areas can be treated?

  • Eyebrow
  • Cheeks and mid face
  • Jowl and lower face


Good candidate

  • Lady 35 to 55
  • Not too much droopy
  • Not expecting extreme makeover


Poor candidate

  • Patient with very thin skin
  • Too much droopiness of skin
  • Those expecting extreme make-over
  • Those with heavy and thick skin



  • Poor health
  • Excess droopiness
  • Deep wrinkle
  • Excess body fat with thick or too thin skin