Polydioxanone Thread Lift

Polydioxanone Thread Lift

Polydioxanone, PDO in short, is the material of a tiny thread used for lifting. Larger thread of the Ultra V lift also uses the PDO. These threads are used extensively by our Dr in the clinic.

Mechanism of action

The PDO material provoke the surrounding tissue to produce a lot of collagen fiber around the thread. In so doing it helps to pull the skin thereby lifting the sagging parts.

The inserted thread serve as a scaffolding for the collagen and elastin fiber to be deposited in a predetermined fashion and arrangement.



PDO Thread Body Contouring

PDO Thread Lift: Body Contouring


Mini Facelift

This is as much like a mini lunchtime lift without a surgery. The recovery is fact and there is no downtime. The PDO material has been used by the medical community for more than 40 years and is found to be very safe. The synthetic PDO material is used as suture which is absorbable. It can be used to lift not only the face but almost any body parts such as the arm, tummy, thigh, leg, calf, buttock and neck.

PDO duration of action

The PDO effects can last up to 18 to 24 months. The material itself disappear in 60 to 90 days only. The effect last longer than the thread is due to stimulation of collagen production which perform the function of lifting.
These threads last longer than Dermal Fillers and wrinkle-relaxing treatments, and are seen as a valuable addition to the non-surgical facial and body rejuvenation treatments we offer here at the clinic.

The PDO technique is no more invasive than an injection. To ‘lift’ the jowls for example – a needle is inserted with thread in place, the needle is then removed leaving the thread to support and lift the tissue.

The PDO threads come in various shapes and sizes and your doctor will determine the appropriate number and type for each individual case at your consultation.

The Procedure

  • Local anaesthesia may or may not be required, and the area is cleansed and sterilized.
  • The appropriate number of PDO threads are inserted, the area massaged and it is all done!
  • The PDO threads stimulate the body to generate collagen and elastin after about 28 days and this continues for up to 8 months.
  • The PDO threads themselves dissolve after 6 months leaving no residue.
  • The aesthetic effects of the threads lasts for up to 2 years or even longer. These effects include lifting in the area and increased volume in the area.