Serdev Thread Lift

Serdev Thread Lift

Serdev Thread Lift is utilizing a totally different principle, which is using a suspension lifting. It uses the skeletal fixation of movable fasciae to it without any cut or incision. In Brazil, it is popularly used to correct early ptosis and flabbiness in areas of face and body. In the more severe cases, it is not suitable. So candidate selection is important to get good result and satisfaction for the doctor, the center and the patient.



Serdev Lift for Face and Body Lift

Serdev Lift for Face and Body Lift


Serdev Lift is also called Scarless Serdev Lift.

The suture suspension techniques are described to lift, if necessary to form volume and to correct position of soft tissue without traditional incisions. It only utilize a per cutaneous needle insertion.

Serdev lift can correct the volume deficit but not the skin texture, which require the whitening, PRP  and other mesotherapy.

The techniques consist of passing closed suture by needle perforations only, to lift movable fasciae and fix them to non-movable skeletal or fixed to periosteum membrane in several facial and body areas:

1) In the face areas

It can be used for the following indications:

  • total ambulatory SMAS Lift to fix the SMAS flap onto periosteum,
  • temporal and supra-temporal suture SMAS lift,
  • Scarless brow suture lift and fixation onto skeleton above,
  • lateral cantus lifting,
  • mid face suture lift and fixation with suspension,
  • cheekbone lift and augmentation,
  • lower smas-platysma face and neck lift using skin perforations only or by using hidden retro-lobular incisions,
  • chin enhancement, form and position correction by suture,
  • Serdev sutures for the nose shaping: nasal tip refinement; nasal tip rotation; nasal alar base narrowing,
  • Scarless Serdev suture method in prominent ears by pulling the ear to a desirable position and suspend there,
  • chin dimple and smiling dimples by suture,
  • Permanent block of glabela muscles etc.


2) In body areas:

  • Scarless breast lift by suture and needle perforations only followed by suspension and fixation onto skeleton,
  • Scarless buttock lift by suture and fixation onto sacrum,
  • Abdominal flaccidity tightening by sutures,
  • Scarless inner thigh lift.


Mechanism of action

  • Mechanical suspension initially
  • Collagen deposition around the Serdev thread
  • Fibrosis around the thread creating a cord of tissue helping to further suspend even after the thread has dissolved