Vampire facelift

Vampire facelift

Vampire facelift has been introduced in the USA and then to Korea. This cosmetic procedure or surgery has been used extensively in Korea, is now also being done by our center’s doctor. The name derive from the bat Vampire that suck the people blood. Since we are using our own blood, in addition of filler, to create a younger looking lifted face, we call it the vampire facelift.

As we age, sign of aging starts to show. What are these sign of aging?

Grossly there are 3:

  • Our skin becomes dull due to decreased blood flow and blemishes formation
  • The skin slides down due to collapsed tissue volume. The skin becomes thinner, losing collagen, fat and host of other tissues.
  • Skin texture lost its smoothness.

Vampire facelift procedure addresses all 3 aging problems in a holistic way. These are:

  • Restore the lost volume by injecting hyaluronic filler into the subcutaneous area and deeper to a youthful proportion.
  • The dull skin colour and texture is addressed by using the patient’s blood, inside of which lie the platelet and growth factors that are normally deployed to help in wound healing. This blood is spin and platelet rich plasma is extracted for injection into the dermis tricking it to think there is an injury. In doing so, the skin has increased blood supply and help in brightening up the colour and texture at the same time.


3 steps of the Vampire facelift:

  • Use of hyaluronic acid HA filler such as the Juvederm and the Restylane to restore back the shape of an youthful face contour
  • Isolate the growth factors (at least 8 of them) and the platelet rich plasma form the patient’s own blood. This PRP need to be activated to release the growth factors before injection.
  • Inject this blood isolate into the sub dermis of the skin. This will trick the skin to think that there is an injury, and it set off the healing reaction cascade. The growth factors then activate the multi-potent stem cells that is resident in the skin to start healing process, thereby creating new tissues. The resulting is the creation and development of new collagen, fat tissue for smoothness and hence the silky smooth texture, bold vessel for snow white glow.


The effect of Vampire facelift

The effect of the result starts from 2 to 3 months and continued. It can last 1 to 2 years easily. The Vampire facelift is thus NOT a thread lift but a procedure involving use of volume filler and PRP with its growth factors.


Candidate selection

The procedure does not suit every one. Some will benefit from other adjunct procedure and surgery, laser, Botox, PRP or other.

Other indications

Vampire facelift may be used for other body parts other than the face are Breastlift and hair treatment.