Collagen Repair

Collagen Repair 

3-steps collagen repair and PRP therapy


collagen repair in all wounds

Collagen repair happens in all the wound healing.

Due to tissue injury or intentionally created wound from the surgery, the prp help to jump-start the healing process. As our clinic‘s  doctor do a lot of popular surgery, we have intentionally created a lot of wound from surgical incision. The incision starts the inflammation process. This repair process consist of three phases of collagen repair or wound repair. These are namely the phase one, called inflammatory stage; the second phase, proliferation stage; and phase three, the remodeling stage.

Stage one: Inflammation

During the stage one of inflammation, a host of growth factors and cytokines are released by the injury or the artificially applied prp to jump-start the process of healing. Thus we are actually intentionally want to create the inflammation, to jump-start or to roll-start the healing process. This stage typically last up to three days. Then, it move to the stage 2.

Stage 2: Proliferation

The stage two is characterized by the flooding of the target area with growth factors, and by now fibroblast as well. This helps the formation of new blood vessels and capillaries and other support structure within the wound of the skin or other soft tissue.

Stage 3: Remodeling

The next is the stage three, where the newly deposited collagen packed and filled the thickness of the skin or the soft tissue, thereby increasing the thickness of the skin or the soft tissue. With this, it erased or obliterated the scar, fine lines, and wrinkles. In the usual wound healing process, this stage of remodeling will normally last more than a year. However, with the PRP therapy, the process is shortened to three months. That is the very reason why professional athletic want to speeds up the healing process by opting for PRP therapy, so that they can get back to training soonest possible.


Video of PRP is here.



The 3-phases of collagen repair at the injury site can be tabulated as:

Inflammatory stage Proliferation stage Remodeling stage
All platelet derived growth factor, PDGFs are released Target area inundated with growth factors, fibroblast

Formation of new blood vessels & support structures

Collagen pack in & strengthen skin, erasing/obliterating scar, fine line, wrinkle
Last 3 days Start from day 7, last till 3 months ·         Last up to a year in regular wound healing

·         With PRP therapy, last only 3 months & amp; complete (meaning speed-up 5 times faster)