Indications for PRP

PRP Applications

Indication for PRP 


For youthful skin

PRP Application for the old skin, wrinkles, folds, thinned skin, pigment, skin texture, volume deficit



Indications for PRP therapy includes:

1.       Aesthetic applicationfine line, thin crepe-skin, wrinkle, pigment, scar, acne, pore, texture, hydration.

·         Facial area

·         Neck area

·         Décolleté – the bare chest area

·         Hands

·         Arm, elbow, knee

·         Abdomen – such as stretch mark, post natal skin laxity

2.       Surgical scar response well

3.       Soft tissue, meaning pain management  indications

·         Chronic tendinopathies

·         Ligament sprain and tear

·         Large and small bursa injection, eg knee joint osteoarthritis pain

4.       Orofacial pain, surgery and other indication

5.       Alopecia indications

·         Male pattern hair loss

·         Female pattern hair loss (Especially good compared to male)

6.       Combination therapy

7.       Osteoarthritis

8.       Bone repair and regeneration

9.       Cardiac muscle injury

10.   Nerve injury

11.   Plastic surgery, burn

12.   Diabetic wound repair

13.   Adjunctive prescription and other Combination treatment

·         Here the PRP may act as carrier medium for other medicine, or cosmeceutical may be dispersed and injected. One common example is to mix with placenta for administration.

14.   Sexual dysfunction

·         Intra-cavernous injection—male

·         Intra-vaginal injection –female

·         Adjunctive therapy for sexual dysfunction

Note: Platelet transfusion is infusion of platelet and plasma, less the Red Blood Cell. This used for correction of blood disorder or disease such as dengue where the platelet count decreased tremendously, whereby such patient face the risk of bleeding to dead due to insufficient and delayed clotting. The replaced platelet restore the clotting mechanism.


Contraindication for prp

Contraindication for PRP
  • Skin diseases ( eg Lupus, porphyria, allergies)
  • Cancer
  • Chemotherapy
  • Severe metabolic disorders
  • Severe systemic disorders
  • Abnormal platelet function
  • Underlying sepsis

Initial treatment regime

It is best to have 3-session treatments within the first six months. After that, one can choose to repeat it bi-annually for best aesthetic result.

Cost of PRP

Around 800 onward depending on extend, amount of cell and the complexity of the procedure