PRP Ankle Joint & Other Joint

PRP Stem Cell

PRP and stem cell combined injection for Knee joint pain and ankle joint pain has been the most popular treatment in our center done by our doctor.

Stem cell and PRP for joints injury & regeneration

Platelet rich plasma (PRP), also called as prolotherapy, its blood sample is easily collected for processing, concentration and purification. For the stem cell collection, it is also quite simple and is an office procedure using just a local anesthetic.

Ankle injury is pretty common, especially among the athlete, as well as the elderly where the pathology is of degeneration. The benefit of using biologic therapy is that it is less risky and don’t have to face the cost and pain of major surgery.

The stem cell therapy utilities patient’s own body stem cell reserve to help heal another cell or body part injury or degeneration such as the ankle joint.

Nowadays we are able to obtain the stem cell easily from the bone marrow and relatively painless, in an outpatient basis. Such cell can be deposited precisely by using real time imaging technique, such as the fluoroscopy.


PRP Stem Cell for treating OA Knee Pain.


Harvesting stem cell procedure

The patient body has a steady supply of stem cell. This is used to help repair the injured or degenerated body parts. The body is in constant stage of regenerating up and at the same time breaking down. In the young age group, regeneration exceed the breaking down. The equation change in a reverse manner during the old age, where the breaks down exceed the regeneration.

In certain avascular or area with less blood supply or area where barrier prohibit the movement of platelet and stem cell easily, the repair is less than ideal, less successful, and therefore, take long time to heal. Now, we can help overcome this limitation by manipulating the body healing process. We harvest the stem cell and PRP, concentrate them and inject them into the target area of demand for repair. In so doing, the initial PRP injected can help to pull in and at the same time activate the stem cell. This help to speed up the healing process tremendously.


PRP Big Toe for MP Joint Pain

Stem cell harvesting steps are as follow:

  • The chosen site is back of hip, iliac crest.
  • Patient lie face down or side way
  • Clean and sterilize the area
  • Give local anesthetic of skin and bone
  • Use imaging guidance if necessary
  • Use a special very fine needle, inserted into bone marrow, aspirate the stem cell marrow blood
  • This is less invasive than marrow biopsy which uses larger cannula. Minimal discomfort.
  • Needle is withdrawn. Area pressured, taped.
  • Sample taken for centrifuge to concentrate stem cell
  • Remove unwanted White Blood Cell, WBC, which can disturb functioning of PRP
  • Inject this stem cell together with PRP onto target injury site
  • Customizing the stem cell sample done
  • The PRP function as the supply of growth factors and cytokines that will turn on the stem cells.
  • PRP is injected again in 3 to 5 weeks to keep the stem cells continuously activated. This help additional healing

PRP Treating Big Toe Joint Pain (Interphalangeal joint)