PRP Doping

PRP Doping

It is not sure at this time if the PRP administration and therapy actually contravene the international anti-doping rules and regulations. Until recently, it is not included in the exclusion list.

By 2010, it was not sure if the local injection of PRP has any effect on the circulating body cytokines level, to the extent that it may affect the doping test. It is not sure if PRP administration do affect the anabolic effect systemically. Does it really affect the performance of the athletic is still not certain.

In January 2011, the world Anti-Doping Agency removed the intramuscular PRP injection use from its list of prohibition. This is because there is a lack of any evidence about the use of PRP if at all it caused any performance enhancement.

There are many cases of athletic going for PRP injection by our clinic’s doctor because they need to get back on the training schedule soonest after the various joint, lower back, ankle, ligament, tendon or muscular injury:

  • Zach Britton had PRP therapy, the injection delivered the PRP to the target site, his left shoulder in March 2012.
  • Dylan Bundy went for PRP therapy in April 2014 before he went for The Tommy John surgery in the June 2014. The rationale is that the prior PRP injection help to shorten the wound healing process, and prepare the candidate for later surgery.