PRP Knee Arthritis

PRP knee arthritis

The knee joint is the most important joints of the body. There are more people getting the knee pain than any other joint. Failure to treat it adequately cripple our quality of life. Due to the demand for this PRP therapy, it has becomes a hottest selling item in our clinic done by Dr David Ling. He has treated countless number of patients (other than for cosmetic uses, for hair growthwhitening, and Vampire facelift) including some of the most difficult and severe cases with a surprisingly good result. This included the difficult small joints pain of the ankle and foot, tendon and muscle tear, shoulder pain, elbow pain, low back pain and the request by the sportsman.


Knee Osteoarthritis treated by PRP

Rate of cartilage loss

PRP has been shown to be able to arrest the deterioration of knee arthritis. In general, the knee cartilage lost about 5% of cartilage or cushioning every year.


PRP Knee arthritis evidence showing dramatic, speedy & robust recovery and repair.

PRP Knee arthritis therapy is showing the evidence of dramatic, speedy & robust recovery and repair, from the erosion and degenerative changes as shown here.




Adipose Derived Stem Cell (ADSC) can now grow & created new cartilage

Here is how Australian grew knee cartilage using ADSC for the completely hopeless knee arthritis where none of the cartilage remain.

View video link here, Adipose Derived Stem Cell (ADSC) can grow knee cartilage to treat osteoarthritis pain VID-20160629-WA0015


click below video (showing the SAME video)

Adipose Derived Stem Cell (ADSC) can now grow & created new cartilage



PRP protection for cartilage

4 mechanisms the PRP is able to help preserving the remaining knee cartilages:

  • The PRP can prevent any further loss in cartilage.
  • PRP may not be able to reverse the already lost cartilage but can help in stopping further loss is by itself significant.
  • PRP is also found to slow down the progression of the arthritis disease and cartilage loss.
  • PRP is able to preserve whatever amount of cartilage still left in the knee.

In this way, the PRP can help to improve the quality of life. Hence, it can help to shelve off the surgery, a major surgery and costly knee replacement operation, which by itself does not last forever, and require repeated surgery every 10 years or so.





OA Knee Treated by PRP Stem Cell

Use own cells to repair other cell

We have entered the era of natural therapy where one uses his own body cell to help to repair another injured tissue. This is a tremendous development in the medical science. Some call it the era of biologic treatment. This is an ideal treatment versus the use of artificial substances or chemicals. And this type of treatment is much more acceptable by the population.

2013 study on knee osteoarthritis

The patient sample were given the PRP knee injection. MRI was performed before the injection and after the injection of PRP. After one year, they repeat the MRI to see the knee cartilage. They found that there were no further cartilage lost in 70% of the cohort. This is very promising. And further study should be carried out to replicate the result.

It must be noted that some result may not be consistent or positive. This is because not all PRP prepared are created equal. The quantity and quality of the PRP sample collected does matter a lot.


How much does it cost?

The cost of doing a basic prp knee joint treatment starts from Rm 1990 ONLY. The procedure time takes less than half an hour.

Quality assurance given.

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It is 100% risk-free Money-back GUARANTEED.


100% risk-free money back GUARANTEED certificate

100% risk-free money back GUARANTEED certificate