Retirement Living

After you have labored all your life, it is time to sit back and enjoy the rest of your life in a quality manner. In therms of physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.

The cost of living in an advanced country is quite expensive. this is why many choose to move to another country where the cost of living is much lower such as Malaysia. Malaysia offers a retirement program called the Malaysia My Second Home (MMH2). This is very popular and many foreigner participated in this program.

They can live here and hire a maid to help out which is also cost efficient. With the dollar they are converting into the local Ringgit currency, they get a good sum to live where the cost in dollar term is very low.



Retirement Living: living quality fulfilling retire life.

Retirement Living: living quality fulfilling retire life.






Many with less healthy or dependent can hire a maid to help up with their daily living chore like the cooking, gardening, or even help to accompany them during travelling. Help to remind them about the medication for diabetes and hypertension can be timely for the one who has difficulty to remember.

Economic benefit

In this way they are contributing greatly to the Malaysian economy in the property sector, food and beverage industry, and transport sector. It also helps to generate employment.


Other countries

Many retirement villages are propping up in Japan, Australia and other popular tourist destination such as Phuket, Sri Lanka and Bali where they loves the beaches.





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