Sexual Health

The God has created the woman to accompany the man so that he will not be lonely. The woman is the helper and companion to the man. Sex is very much a part of each other’s life.


In the olden day, the sex is mainly considered the process to get the woman pregnant and bear the baby to continue the next generation. The woman duty is reduced to procreation.


Sexual Health: it is an essential part of a healthy living.

Sexual Health: it is an essential part of a healthy living.





This day of age, where the information communication technology (ICT) is so well developed that much is written about sex being an enjoying encounter. Yes, it is probably the most pleasant feeling that one can have. The climate will push the release of tones of “happy hormones”, the endorphin. This endorphin exert a very positive effect on the body metabolism. It also creates the bonding between the 2 parties.

Erectile Dysfunction

The inability to achieve erection long enough for the fulfillment of sexual intercourse for both the parties is termed the erectile dysfunction (ED). Premature ejection is the commonest cause. The man is most sensitive to his sexual performance sometime to the detriment of its future encounter.

Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STD)

Having multiple partners become common nowadays compared to the past due to woman liberalism and the ICT. Because of this there are at risk of contracting multiple sexually transmitted diseases. The more deadly one includes the HIV or AIDS, hepatitis, gonorrhea, syphilis, and others.


It is the responsibility of the partners to be faithful. And also for the infected, until fully treated to stays away from intercourse with partner who are healthy. Otherwise, it will be putting community health to great risk.

Sex stimulant and enhancer

Viagra and cialias are common drugs used. They are used to prolong the erection so that it can achieve the performance desired of the man. Basically the ejection is delayed. It is used to treat premature ejaculation. The mode of action is dependent of a good vascular perfusion whereby the penis is engorged with the in-rushing blood and causing the rigid erection.

Viagra itself can not enhance its function unless the man’s psychologically is build up only then it can starts to act.




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