How Silicone Comes About

Virtually all the silicone injection are done by non-medical personnel. The victims are those ignorant of the product and got it done by not the doctor but quack doctor. Most of it is done in the hotel room or in the house of beautician, or the saloon. It occurs widely in Asia, South America and Eastern Europe.

The Silicone

Most of the material used are industrial low grade silicone called the Caulking silicone. They are not using the higher medical grade silicone. Other people uses cooking oil, or vegetable oil for filler augmentation into the breast, nose, face or buttock. Still other uses Hydrogel.


Silicone Injection Removal: a model injected cooking oil

Silicone Removal From Face: a model injected with cooking oil


Injection technique

If the injection is done all over the place by spreading and disperse thinly over large area, it is far more difficult to remove. A localised injection is more easier to remove. However, if it has been injected over a long period of time, then the silicone or the oil itself might has blended into the tissue making its removal difficult. Many a time it require removing the tissue away.

The Side Effect of silicone

The silicone liquid gel causes complication in several ways. It includes,

  • infection,
  • cellulitis,
  • scaring,
  • dimpling,
  • surface irregularity,
  • hardening and
  • granuloma formation.
  • There is silicone inflammation going on and the silicone sensitivity may develop leading to autoimmune disease.

The silicone removal is not only for cosmetic reason, but also for health reason.


Silicone Injection Removal: silicone granuloma in histology

Silicone Removal From Face: silicone granuloma formation is evident in the histology





Difficulty of silicone removal

This is mainly because of its migration after injection. Furthermore, it blends into the tissue making a full removal almost impossible. Most removal may cause tissue deficit and hence lost of smooth surface contour, creation of dimpling and irregularity.

Multidisciplinary treatment

Before the patient goes for the surgical removal, adequate Medical treatment may be needed and includes having the infection under control by administering IV or oral antibiotic, and the use of steroid injection to soften the granulomas. Psychological support might be necessary. Always speaks to psychologist for counselling support.

Multiple operation

Due to the difficulty of complete silicone removal, and the involvement of major structure such as the nerve, artery, vein and important muscle which cannot be removed, is why sometime, it may necessitate a 2nd or more operation. The deficit of tissue might need reconstructive surgery at a later date. Unless the client knows the difficulty, this should not be done for the patient.

Reconstructive surgery after removal

For example, after removal of most of the breast tissue, we might have to fill up this deficit using a breast implant. The inserted implant will maintain the shape of the breast for aesthetic purposes. This is also the case for nose silicone removal, where the tissue deficit can be filled up by using a solid nose implant.

The Hollywood worst case

Michael Jackson is the classical case that brings to mind. A case gone horribly wrong due to over enthusiastic cosmetic surgery.


Silicone Injection Removal: Michael Jackson before after photos.

Nose Silicone Injection Removal: Michael Jackson before after photos.


Dr David Ling with more than 25 years in the medical aesthetic industry has a wide experience in Silicone removal surgery such as Silicone removal from face for those face injection gone wrong, and silicone removal from body for body silicone injection gone awry, silicone injection removal for variously wrongly injected material such as  silicone injection in facesilicone buttocksnose silicone injectionsilicone breast injectionhuge silicone lip, are silicone injection removal that are frequently performed.




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