Silicone Buttocks

This is another popular area where augmentation is supposed to brings about or enhance the sexy curve of the backside. This is despite the fact that it is less popular to silicone injection into the face. The silicone injection to the buttocks is more widespread in Latin America.


Silicone Buttocks: Beautiful looking during initial period before complication sets in.

Silicone Buttocks: Beautiful looking contour and colour during initial period, usually couple of weeks to at most few months ONLY, before complication starts to sets in.



Side effect of silicone

As usual, most of the silicone used are of low industrial grad. And needless to say that they are being done by the non medical personnel. The side effect includes the:

  • infection if done non aseptically.
  • Other includes the inflammation of the tissue surrounding the silicone,
  • followed by isolation and walling off of the material causing hardening and granuloma formation.
  • The migration of the silicone makes the matter worst causing baggy tissue on the lower halves of buttocks and lower face due to gravitational pull.
  • Another side effect is the impact on the general health due to possible allergy reaction to the silicone.
  • This will probably brings about autoimmune disease with antibodies produced that attack the victims themselves.
  • Thus affecting the health of the victim.


Silicone Buttocks: Disfigurement from the side effect of silicone injection.

Silicone Buttocks: Disfigurement from the side effect of silicone injection. It shows distortion of shape, discolouration with redness and blackish tone.







The fibrosis caused by the inflamed tissue surrounding the silicone may cause puckering, dimpling of the skin, irregular skin surfaces and distorted shape of the face or buttock. The colour of the skin overlying the lesion may becomes blackened or blemished from deep discolouration. More often than not, it is reddish due to increased vascularity and inflammation underneath.

Silicone removal from the buttocks

The silicone removal can hardly be complete.  The removal surgery is very difficult and usually may requires many sessions. The patient need to know the limitation of the surgery. Many a time it requires the removal of the tissues. Luckily, for the buttock, here, there are not many vital structure located here. Hence, it is slightly safer and easier to remove. However, the resulting tissue deficit may cause disfigurement of the buttock.


Other related silicone removals

Below here is shown many procedures that are done by the aesthetic Doctor David Ling, on the ugly side effect of the injection of illegal substance and its subsequent removal. This give the testimonies and evidences of the footprint left by the industry.

Silicone removal surgery such as Silicone removal from face for those face injection gone wrong, and silicone removal from body for body silicone injection gone awry, silicone injection removal for variously wrongly injected material such as  silicone injection in facesilicone buttocksnose silicone injectionsilicone breast injectionhuge silicone lip, are silicone injection removal that are frequently performed.



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