Silicone Removal From Face

The most common facial silicone injection is done onto the nose. Lots of cases came with nose augmented and injected using illegal silicone substances. Worst still, they use a very low quality silicone, the industrial grade silicone.

Much has been said about how these fly-by-night doctors, or to be more accurate, the quack doctor are doing.

Much has also been said about how the silicone brought about the inflammation and granuloma formation that try to isolate it from the rest of the body. It even cause decreased immunity through provoking autoimmune response.

The ensuing side effects cause disfigurement, distortion of shape and size, discolouration and skin textural changes.

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Silicone removal from nose

Photos here shows the Aesthetic doctor David Ling doing an open nose surgery, called the open rhinoplasty.

Silicone Removal From Body

Silicone Removal From Face



Videos showing the surgery of silicone removal from the nose



Open nose surgery videos showing the alar cartilages

Some tissue together with the silicone are resected and removed.



Closure of skin videos

Completed the surgical silicone removal. The nose, columellar is closed back and stitches are placed carefully for the best wound healing and fine scar.



Below here is shown many procedures that are done by the aesthetic Doctor David Ling, on the ugly side effect of the injection of illegal substance and its subsequent removal. This give the testimonies and evidences of the footprint left by the industry.

Silicone removal surgery such as Silicone removal from face for those face injection gone wrong, and silicone removal from body for body silicone injection gone awry, silicone injection removal for variously wrongly injected material such as  silicone injection in facesilicone buttocksnose silicone injectionsilicone breast injectionhuge silicone lip, are silicone injection removal that are frequently performed.





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