Jaw reduction

Skeletal aesthetic deals with the shape of the bone of the face, body and the limbs.

For the face, it include the jaw, the chin, malar or the cheek, and the maxilla ie the upper jaw. For the limbs, it is mostly about increasing the height by lengthening the tibia bone of the leg. This is very invasive and may require a long hospital stay.


Jaw Reduction: gives oval outline like 6th Generation PDO ThreadLift Before & After  result.

Jaw Reduction: gives oval outline to the otherwise squarish jaw. The effect is like 6th Generation PDO ThreadLift Before & After result.





Jaw for oval curve to the face

Jaw reduction is mostly about the prominent angle of the jaw at the back of the jawline which gives a squarish appearance.  Such squarish appearance gives a masculine curvature and is more appropriate for male. For the lady to look more feminine, generally a more oval shape is preferred. because of this the mandible angle may be trimmed off to give a permanent oval shape face.

Alternative to the Surgery

The most common alternative is to use botulinum injection to shrink the bulk of the massestor muscle. However, this is not permanent and required repeated treatment every 6 to 12 monthly initially. In later stages this may only need 1 to 2 yearly. The big advantages is that this is a far more conservative and therefore less invasive procedure.




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