AHA peel

AHA peel is the most commonly used among all the chemical peel. They are primarily comes in the form of glycolic acid and lactic acid. This is because both of these two forms of AHA are the most widely and extensively researched. Also, these two molecules are the smallest and hence has the most effective and easily penetrate the skin layers, although only limited to the top layers, the epidermis.

Dr David Ling (and who has been with the aesthetic clinic, Clinic Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Ling has been using this ingredient safely for skin whitening treatment over the past 25 years, together with the PRP, filler (such as Vampire lift), Botox and thread lift.

Various whitening agent may be used in the whitening cosmetic cream, as a part of the formula for skin care products. The formula has various component ingredients which are listed here includes:



AHA Chemical Peel Therapy Benefit

AHA Peel: Chemical Peel Therapy Benefit



Concentration and effectiveness

Study show that in a low concentration such as 4% to 15%, they tends to be not effective.  Can i repeat that it is virtually not effective at all. In order to be effective, it has to be more than 15% in order to function as a whitening agent that will inhibit the melanin synthesis.

How does the AHA act in order to bring about whitening? The various combination of mechanism of action is believed to work in the following manner:

  • AHA increases the cell turnover rate
  • In so doing, it help removing the darker and less healthy top layers of cell,
    • which is called the exfoliation.
    • This layer is where the oldest and darker pigmented cell accumulate.
  • Other research study have proven that the
    • glycolic acid as well as the lactic acid, both can actually act independently as inhibitor of melanin synthesis.
    • This is quite a surprising fact that not many of us know.
    • Many of us only think that it only work by exfoliation.
    • This action can function separately and independently from another action of exfoliation or skin peeling.

Benefits of AHA

AHA when used in a very high concentration, such as a 50% concentration or greater,

  • may remove the skin uneven colour tone or discolouration.
  • However, with such high concentration, it is generally used by the institution such as clinics and hospitals or medical centres, and absolutely need a qualified aesthetic doctor to supervise the procedure.


AHA peel benefit is it brings abut blemish removal to create a fairer snow-white, silky smooth skin.