Glutathione is a powerful anti-oxidant. It function in preventing the oxidation damage to the skin and other body cell and system. It do have a lot of useful function for the normal physiological needs of the cell, present along the various metabolic pathways as catalyst of enzyme and co-enzyme. However, glutathione is also associated with skin whitening beneficial effect, through blocking of melanin pigment synthesis.

Glutathione is also commonly found in various cosmeceuticals and cream, mostly as ingredient for skin whitening.

The Clinic Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Ling, with Dr David Ling as consultant aesthetic Dr, has been using this ingredient safely for skin whitening treatment over the past 20 years, together with the PRP, filler (such as Vampire lift), Botox and thread lift.

Glutathione can be used together as a part of the formula for skin care products. The formula of component ingredients are listed here which includes:



Whitening Injection is popular among Asian for a very fair snow white skin

Glutathione Whitening Injection is popular among the Asian, who are mostly of skin type 3 and 4 or higher, for a very fair & snow-white skin

Delivery form and preparations:

  1. Glutathione come in various preparations such as cream, soap, nasal spray, lotion and most prominently is in an injectable format.
  2. The local application is not effectively absorbed through the skin. This is because the applied cream, the thio group of the glutathione molecule becomes disulphide quickly. This is due to a highly unstable nature of the glutathione compound, which rapidly get converted to disulphide.
  3. Glutathione when administered orally, becomes rapidly broken down by various enzymes in the gut. This end up with less bioavailability. The orally administered glutathione is unable to cross the gut wall cell membrane in the first place, and secondly, it gets deactivated by the gut enzyme.
  4. Intravenous route is the preferred as it can deliver a high dose without losing its effectiveness. The only drawback however is that it can flood the cell with too much of glutathione and this can cause reductive stress. Thus, long term use of high dose of glutathione may expose the client to health risk.

Glutathione can be taken singly or in combination with other agents such as:

  • Vitamin C or ascorbic acid to increase glutathione absorption
  • N-acetyl cysteine to boost glutathione level
  • Other antioxidant such as tocopherol or vitamin E
  • Glutathione oral intake can have dangerous effect when taken in combination with some other skin lightening agent like hydroquinone and monobenzone (which can cause irreversible depigmentation). The best case example is the Michael Jackson.