Laser Skin Whitening

Laser Skin whitening

Laser skin whitening is nowadays a very commonly used lunch time procedure for whitening the skin. It is also called laser facial, especially for the non-ablative type of laser treatment.

The Clinic Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Ling has been using this ingredient safely for skin whitening treatment over the past 20 years, together with the PRP, filler (such as Vampire lift), Botox and thread lift.

Hydrpquinone can be used together as a part of the formula for skin care products. The formula component ingredients are listed here includes:



Laser Skin Whitening for silky-smooth snow-white skin.

Laser Skin Whitening for silky-smooth snow-white skin.

Principle of action

The laser machine emit a single wavelength called monochromatic light of high energy intensity. The laser rays are absorbed by the target pigmented cell called melanin cell. The absorption of such a burst of energy cause an acoustic sound.

The drawback is that the result is not consistent especially for melasma lesion. At times it even cause hyperpigmentation, presumably due to photo stimulation effect under low dose treatment. Too high a dose may cause over treatment ending up with hypopigmentation.

Side effect

This include a mild discomfort, redness or erythema, mild swelling, and some post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, the PIH. It is therefore, not to be considered as a first line treatment or bring about skin whitening effect ( Policarpio and Lue, 2009)

For the darker skin as opposed to the lighter skin people, it is more likely to result in more problem (Wikipedia, 2007).