Mercury Skin Whitening

Mercury Skin Whitening

Mercury skin whitening had been used historically but is now banned in all the countries and is no longer used. It must be noted that however, it is still widely circulated illegally in some less developed countries.

Don’t use mercury, use other substitutes

The Clinic Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Ling has been using these other ingredients safely for skin whitening treatment over the past 20 years, together with the PRP, filler (such as Vampire lift), Botox and thread lift.

Many skin whiteners can be used together as a part of the formula for skin care products. The formula component ingredients are listed here includes:



Mercury Skin Whitening is NOT to be used.

Mercury Skin Whitening is NOT to be used. Ask for expert advise.

How does mercury act by whitening the skin? Mechanism of action:

It acts by non-competitive inhibition of tyrosinase enzyme which is essential for the melanin synthesis as is seen in the bio synthesis pathway.

Long term application and uses of mercury cause the treated skin and nail looks darker. This is because the mercury is and get deposited into the skin and the hair follicles (Oakley, 2010).

Mercury poisoning

It cause acute and chronic long term poisoning and toxicity on the various body system such a s the kidneys and the nervous system. It also causes acrodynia. Acrodynia is a condition characterized by pinkish discoloration of the hands and the feet. It causes a person to be irritable, afraid of light called photophobia, and inflammation of the nerves called polyneuritis (Oakley, 2010).