Steroid Cream

Steroid cream

Commonly used topical steroid or corticosteroid formulation normally has the hydrocortisone ingredient. The public has a phobia about using the steroid due to misconception and wrong public media projection. Of course it is bad to use it long term or misused. This is common due to the habit of self-medication and unethical sale of steroid in the OTC without adequately informing the patient. However, if used judiciously it is not only life-saving during emergency, but also treat a host of other ailments without causing adversity or complications.


The Clinic Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Ling has been using this ingredient safely for skin whitening treatment over the past 20 years, together with the PRP, filler (such as Vampire lift), Botox and thread lift.

Many skin whiteners can be used together as a part of the formula for skin care products. The formula component ingredients are listed here includes:



Steroid Cream can be friendly to our skin for the purpose of skin whitening.

Steroid Cream can be friendly to our skin for the purpose of skin whitening. Consult us for the details.

Mechanism of action

How the steroid cream does brings about the skin whitening effect? The mechanism of action can best be described as follows:

  • The initial blanching, and thus the whitening effect is due to vaso-constriction,
  • The vasoconstriction slows down the cell turn over and hence, decrease the number as well as the activity of the pigment cell or the melanocyte
  • The steroid cause a decrees in the production of melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH) (Oakley, 2010). A decreased MSH will cause a decreased melanocyte activity and synthesis.

Side effect of topical steroid

This include various side effect locally such as the following:

  • Where there is active local infection, it can cause worsening and further spread of infection
  • An irreversible thinning of local skin
  • It cause contact dermatitis
  • It bring about perioral dermatitis
  • Acne, worsening of existing active acne or acne rosacea
  • Hypertricosis, means increased hair growth and darkening of hair (British Medical Association and Royal Pharmaceutical Society, 2007).