This is all about the technique or product employed to care for the skin both at the institution and at home.

Cosmeceutical is the ingredients used for formulating the skincare cream, lotions, gel and mask. This includes various hydrating, nourishing, vitamins,minerals, antioxidants, trace elements, bio-active peptides and the list goes on. Some are used for night only others used during the day time. Sunblock or sun screen is used to protect the skin from the harsh ultraviolet rays.


Skincare: wide used by the lady to protect it from aging, for a whitening of skin.

Skincare: wide used by the lady to protect it from aging, for a whitening of skin.




How to choose

Most of the skincare products are good so long it contain the bioactive ingredient. One must make sure that it does not contain the banned substance such as the heavy metals which are effective for whitening. It is not true that only the expensive products are good. On the reverse, a less expensive products can be equally effective.

Sun screen

This is used to shield the skin from UVA and UVB rays. This is because both the rays are damaging to the collagen and deeper structure of the skin and cause rapid aging and wrinkle and pigment formation.

Anti aging cream

This contain bio-active peptides that can stimulate the skin to produce more collagen and other structural supporting elements of the skin.

Renewal skincare

Many contain agents that can help to exfoliate the outer sin layers and help increase the cell proliferation rate.

Acne cream

Most of this can open the pore so that the sebum produced can be discharged easily and prevent whitehead and black head formations. I can also kills the bacteria present in the gland duct. It also modulate the sebum production to a lower rate.

Whitening cream

Many of this contain the active ingredient that that can block the tyrosinase enzyme from producing the melanin pigments. In so doing less pigment are produced and thus causing a fairer skin.




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