Sport Medicine

The sport medicine has gained much prominence over the last decade, especially with the ever increasing professionalism of sport and increasing frequency of major sporting event, not to say ever rising award prize for the winner. Many sportsman earn million each year or each tournament.

The ability to get gold medal brings the country its glory. Major such events include the Olympic, Commonwealth Game, Asian Game, Wimbledon, Thomas Cup…. If only one can get a medal in this event, it is a big deal.

Preparation for the big day

Before going for the big day, every sportsman need to be trained vigorously so as to meet the competency. Other than the technical requirement, the sportsman must be physically able to stand a prolonged period of activity with a good stamina or concentrating ability. The diet must be tailored to help them build up sufficient energy reserve to meet the critical moment.


There are many sportsmen trying to take a shortcut by taking illegal enhancing drug. However, the doping agency is able, with its technology, to detect even a traces of the compound because many of them remain in the blood stream for months, as the body is not able to metabolism them in a short period.

Sport injury

The sport injury is common due to over use of the body pats. For the professional athletes and sportsman, they are over trained and the joints might be over used without rest. This is why there are tears and torn ligament, tendon, muscle and joint capsule or even the meniscus.

There is good news, as the injury can be treated and healing can be seeded up without having to take prolonged leaves for rest. The prp is one treatment modality that benefited professional sportsman.

Sport accident

It is needless to say that sports accident is common for the high velocity related sporting activity such as the car racing, cycling etc….




Sport medicine: PRP for speedy wound healing

PRP of oneself is used to treat & repair own tissue damage





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