Stem cell is in the greatest trending treatment currently. All marketing gimmick and the talk in town is about stem cell therapy.

Stem Cell

Stem cell are mostly divided into two major groups. There are the:

  • embryonic stem cell and
  • non-embryonic, adult stem cell, also called the mesenchymal stem cell (MSC).

The embryonic stem cell is the most pleuripotent stem cell which has the power to be differentiated into any kind of cell of a human body. This is also the one that generated the most controversy and gets into the ethical issue. Because of this its research is restricted in most countries.


Stem Cell

Stem Cell: adult stem cell is found everywhere in the body.




Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC) or adult stem cell 

This line of stem cell is much advanced and found in the adult body. They are present in the cord blood, the bone marrow and the fat tissues and the name is given accordingly to reflect the source of stem cell. The MSC is now the most widely researched among all the stem cell types.

Cord Blood Stem Cell

The cord blood stem cell is harvested during the baby’s birth where the blood of the umbilical cord contain a lot of stem cell. Most of this source of stem cell can be stored in the liquid nitrogen at minus 170 degree Celsius and kept indefinitely. They are useful for treatment of blood derived cancer diseases in the future just in case the person develops blood cancer such as the leukemia.

Bone Marrow Stem Cell

The bone marrow stem cell is also present but the number is much less unless is grown in the laboratory over many generations to dramatically increase the number. The stem cell from here is mostly used for anti aging and regenerative medicine and for therapy use against cancers.


Stem Cell: bone marrow stem cell is better for orthopedic cases such as cartilage repair for osteoarthritis.

Stem Cell: bone marrow stem cell is better for orthopedic cases such as cartilage repair for osteoarthritis (OA).




Adipose Derived Stem Cell (ADSC)

This stem cell is present in the adipose tissues in big number. When the fat tissue is aspirated through a mini liposuction, harvested and centrifuged and lysed with the collagenase enzyme so that the stem cell can be separated and isolated from the fat tissues. The isolated and concentrated ADSC is used for beauty, anti aging and therapy purpose.