Fat Stem Cell

Fat Stem Cell

The Fat stem cell is also called the adipose derived stem cell (ADSC). It is a type of mesenchymal stem cell or derived from an adult subject.


This is a 4 steps process:

  • Fat harvesting and washing
  • Collagenase enzyme digestion
  • SVF Collection
  • Fat washing and concentration


Fat Stem Cell: Adipose Derived Stem Cell; ADSC

Fat Stem Cell: Adipose Derived Stem Cell; ADSC






The fat is taken out easily by local tumescence technique. It is done under low pressure and carefully. Local or deep sedation is used. The complication is rare. Common temporary discomfort includes some swelling and bruises.



The major indication includes:

Aesthetic for whitening, face lift, rejuvenation

When injected into the sin brings about good hydration, improves pigment such that it gives a fairer look. It can brings about a mild face lifting effect.

Anti aging and rejuvenation

Here the stem cell is injected intra-muscular or given intra-venous. The effect is to brings about more energy and stamina giving a more youthful feeling.

Treatment and therapeutic

The treatment can include the use for various joint pain such as the knee joint pain due to osteoarthritis where the cartilage is eroded and damaged. The injected stem cell can arrest the further cartilage erosion and starts the repair and regeneration of the cartilage. The joint pain will also improve quickly.