Stem Cell Sources

Stem Cell Sources


Adult stem cell: found every where of adult tissues.

Adult stem cell: found every where of adult tissues and organs.

Adult stem cell is found in a wide ranging sources of tissue. These includes the fat, bone marrow, cord blood, cord lining, liver, dental pulp, pancreas, brain, peripheral blood, blood vessel called the endothelial cell, the skeletal muscle, skin, the digestive system, cornea, spinal cord, etc….  By far the commonest are the peripheral blood, the bone marrow, and the fat,

All the sources can be the supply of much need stem cell which can be cultured for a big number of cell used for stem cell transplant and therapy or treatment.

These cultured and harvested stem cell can be delivered for therapy by way of 2 methods. First, is by direct injection onto the damaged tissue or organ if it is easily accessible. In case this is difficult or too invasive to perform or dangerous, then the next option is by injecting the stem cell directly into the vein where it will be circulated throughout the body. Once it reaches the damaged site, these cells will migrate into the tissue and by a complex system of signaling, it will cause increased vascularisation of the damaged tissue, such as the experiment using the damaged heart. So be it injecting directly into the myocyte of the heart or into the circulation, the heart recovers in both instances. This is a direct proof that the stem cell actually works through HPE sample collected.




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