Stem Cell Treatment Clinic

Stem Cell Treatment Clinic is the legal and licensed center for the administration of stem cell in a fully sterile medical environment.

Stem Cell Treatment Clinic 

Stem Cell Treatment Clinic is most experienced in handling stem cell therapeutic. We are fully equipped to grow your own stem cell for around 1 to 2 weeks. The cultured stem is kept in a specialized incubator where the cultured cell is harvested, processed, and purified to be used immediately by you. This is a tailored made or custom made stem cell for your personalized body and physiological needs. The cell is injected through the intravenous route or directly into the damaged tissue site such as the knee joint in an osteoarthritis, or into a non healing wound of a diabetes leg.



Stem Cell Treatment Clinic

Stem Cell Treatment Clinic: Medical Beauty Clinic. Based on science and biotechnology for personalized touch.


The general vitality or anti aging stem cell treatment is the most popular according to the current trend.

Stem Cell Treatment Clinic formula for calculating Dose of stem cell used

Stem Cell Treatment Clinic uses a typical dose which  is weight dependent. It is generally given as 2 million cell per kg body weight. So for a 80 kg man, it will need about 160 million stem cell.

Stem Cell Treatment Clinic using different Route of administration

Stem Cell Treatment Clinic frequently using the easily accepted route which is by intravenous route. Simple and easy to administer. The stem cell will be distributed to the entire body where it will auto search and trace to its end target tissue before its mission begins.

Stem Cell Treatment Clinic Treatment regime

Stem Cell Treatment Clinic using a regime which in general is given as: now, a month later as 2nd dose, another month later that is on the 3rd month, the 3rd dose.






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