Tongkat Ali is best known for its aphrodisiac in many parts of the world.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is a totally natural root of a special flowering plant. It is considered as a herb and used widely by the ethnic Malays in Malaysia.




Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali planted in the open.



Tongkat Ali is Native to other countries

Tongkat Ali  is an unique flowering plant is something that is native to several countries. These countries are no other than Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos. Tongkat Ali is a medium size and slender type of shrub in appearance.

Tongkat Ali  in Other names

Tongkat Ali  has a scientific name called Eurycoma longifolia. It is also called Tongkat Ali and Pasak bumi.

Tongkat Ali  as a plant and its uses

Tongkat Ali  is a slender shrub can reach a height of up to 10 meters and is un-branched often. It is the root of the plant that is used for folk medicine and this folk medicine was that of South East Asian region. Tongkat Ali has many health benefits. It is able to address a number of conditions from erectile dysfunction to decreased libido sex-wise to stress and fatigue.

Presentation format of Tongkat Ali 

Tongkat Ali  is an amazing herb which is consumed in an array of ways. These ways include dietary supplements, coffee drinks, teas, and also energy type beverages.



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