Wellness  is widely understood by today’s generation of youngster than compared to the previous generation due to the spread of healthy living practices.




Wellness concept


The wellness is a concept of healthy state that is in a dynamic process. It is not static but in a constant state of fluctuation and movement which is in equilibrium with the dynamic of sickness. So long the equilibrium is oscillating between accepted margin of health then one is in a state of wellness.



Wellness: Dynamic State of Health and Illness in equilibrium.


An equilibrium that moves beyond the left or right, the red arrow as shown above, then it reaches the diseases state.

Wellness : The Gene and cancer

Wellness  is a dynamic state concept. Take for an eg, when the abnormal gene that causes cancer can be repaired or removed, then the cancer state can be reversed by means of antioxidant and detox mechanism.



Wellness Concept & Cancer formation: the reversibility of pre-cancer state through gene repair or antioxidant and detox mechanism.



Wellness at cellular level

The wellness i am talking about is the cellular or even further down the molecular level which is the genetic level.



Wellness: the ultimate is at the cell level, or better still is the genetic level.

Wellness: the ultimate is at the cell level, or better still is the genetic level.


Healthy cell function ensure optimal wellness

If we can ensure an optimal cellular function then you are assured of best genetic function. Therefore, you get the best bodily health and hence a face that does not age as rapidly. Then you will spend less on maintenance for cosmetic.




Wellness: Good Cell function ensure a healthy body. Hence better facial cosmetic.




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